“Although we had prior experience selling properties, we had been in our current home for 15 years and were not looking forward to the agent selection or the sales/auction process.  

I read about Kathryn’s vendor advocate service on social media and after meeting her and hearing about her experience and the service she offered, we thought this would make the process much less stressful.

This turned out to be the case and Kathryn provided very valuable insight and advice throughout the sales process, including the final negotiation for our sale before auction.  We couldn’t be happier with the price achieved for the sale of our property and would recommend Kathryn to anyone looking for assistance in selling their property.” Deb & Kevin


“Having never used a Vendors Advocate my Wife & I were interested to see how the whole process would work. We agreed to proceed based on ‘word of mouth advertising’ (is there any better form of advertising). 

Looking back now that our house is sold I can only say that it was the best decision we could make when considering how to approach the whole sales process.

Kathryn took on all the responsibilities around preparation, walked us through the whole process and effectively became our conjugate between ourselves & the eventual agent that was selected (exhibit A of why I’d recommend a VA…we would probably not have ended up with who we did). During the open homes Kathryn was always prompt in advising us of the positive & negative feedback and never tried to sugar coat comments from potential buyers. After a successful sale we could not recommend Kathryn more highly and thank her for the attention to detail that was apparent all the way through the process.” Brad & Kylie


“I first met Kathryn from Innovative Property Advocates through a networking group.   I was impressed with her talks on the services she offered as I had not heard of a sellers advocate before.  

When it came time to sell our townhouse, I had no hesitation in enlisting her help.

Kathryn was easy to work with, professional, knowledgeable and cleared the way with directing us on getting our home ready for open house inspections, agent selection and on the auction night.   Highly recommend her services to anyone considering selling their home.   And the best part – doesn’t cost us as the sellers anything!   Win-win!” Suzanne


“I am incredibly grateful for Kathryn’s help in selling the family home.  At the beginning I was overwhelmed by the daunting task ahead of me.  Kathryn guided me through the process and kept everything on schedule

She gave excellent advice on what needed to be fixed in the house, and what we didn’t need to worry about.  She dealt with organising tradesmen quotes and real estate agents, leaving me to declutter my 36 years worth of stuff.  Kathryn made the whole process as stress-free as possible.  We got a great price for the house, and I am about to move into my new place.  Without Kathryn’s wonderful service, I would probably still be agonising over tradesman quotes and nowhere near ready to put the house on the market.  If you are thinking of selling your home, I would highly recommend Kathryn’s invaluable service!” Rosalyn


“My husband & I had never heard of a Sellers Advocate until a friend mentioned it to us, we certainly do now thanks to Kathryn Fantov. Kathryn made the effort to drive from Sydney to the Central Coast to meet me and to inspect the properties we were selling.

Kathryn also came back to the Central Coast to interview the Selling Agents, which I thought was amazing. We found Kathryn to be friendly, calm, patient, softly spoken professional who is trustworthy and working for our best interest, not the Buyers nor the Selling Agent.Kathryn negotiated a lower Commission and Marketing, all to be paid on Settlement, so no upfront costs. To achieve the best result Kathryn suggested inexpensive improvements, which made such a big difference without losing our tenants or rental income, right up to Settlement and our result was more than we had hoped. We are very happy with the Sale Prices of our properties and even happier that we didn’t have to liaise with anyone other than Kathryn throughout the whole transaction. We have already highly recommended Kathryn to our friends and family. I will miss our chats Kathryn but a big thank you for a job well done. Rod & Kel


“I am so grateful my friend introduced me to Kathryn. My home was getting too much for me to maintain on my own and I really wanted to live closer to my children. Without Kathryn’s help I don’t believe I would have sold my home.

I was worried I had nowhere else to live but she explained all my options and I felt comfortable to move forward with her help. She advised on what improvements I should make to my home and interviewed 3 agents to see which one would be best suited to act as my selling agent. It was fantastic that Kathryn took care of all dealings with the agent so I didn’t have to worry. She used her negotiation strategy to push the buyer up as high as possible and I’m very pleased with the result. I have now purchased my new home closer to my children and will move in as soon as my sale settles. Thank you Kathryn for all your help – you’ve been amazing!” June


“When my Mum decided to sell the family home of 35 years, we knew it was going to be a gargantuan task.  I was willing to come over every weekend to declutter and clean, but that meant the bulk of the task still rested on Mum’s shoulders.

She was stressed and overwhelmed, and we hadn’t even started yet!

Kathryn was like a guardian angel holding Mum’s hand during one of the most stressful times of her life.  Kathryn’s market insights, her knowledge of what potential buyers were looking for, and her local tradesman contacts were invaluable resources.  She gave excellent advice on what parts of the house needed to be updated, and what parts were not worth doing, so we never felt we were over-capitalising.  She organised tradesman quotes and negotiated the best price on our behalf.  She interviewed three local real estate agents and made a recommendation based on their market knowledge, their personality and drive, and their sales approach.  She even negotiated down their fees for us! I am extremely happy that Mum had an expert to help her with the big decisions.  Without Kathryn, it would have taken much longer to prepare the house for sale.  Kathryn helped to smooth out the road to a successful auction of the house above the reserve price.  Not only that, Kathryn was a pleasure to deal with.  She understands how hard downsizing can be, and she always had Mum’s best interests at heart.  I would not hesitate to recommend Kathryn to anyone whose parents are downsizing, or to anyone overwhelmed by the process of selling their home.” Melissa


“Negotiating the sale of a property can be a very difficult thing to do…it’s not as though you do it every year. Where do you start, where do you finish,

How do you market for the best impact, who do you select as an agent, how do you go about negotiating the best price, how can you tell whether your agent is being straight, who can you consult in regard to contract complexity, do you declutter, do you style, what should you do to smarten the place up a bit…it’s amazing what you don’t notice when you’ve been living somewhere for a while.

While contemplating our sale we came across a group of experienced and independent professionals called sellers advocates.

After contacting a number of operators in this space, we decided to work with Kathryn Fantov of ‘Innovative Property Advocates’. From our first contact with Kathryn, and in all ensuing interactions, the whole complex process of selling our home became less and less a wall of confusion and more and more of a coordinated strategic approach to getting the best possible outcome via the sale. Initially, Kathryn used her extensive real estate sales experience to advise on decluttering the house and then introduced her stylists and handymen and even hand recommendations for removalists. Kathryn took control of the real estate agent selection process, narrowing down to a small list of three then conducting interviews to establish who would be the right people for the sale.

From this point,  Kathryn negotiated the best commission margin and advised on marketing including videography, photography, structuring the narrative and the marketing plan, right down to sign board placement and the photographs used to best market the home. Over the 6 weeks of preparation from day one to the sale, Kathryn visited/called/emailed/texted regularly to discuss the campaign progress, attended open houses and liaised with the agent. The end result was indeed the best price we could’ve expected, a smooth and professional process, a great marketing campaign and even better, a so much less stressful and more pleasant experience for us. Kathryn, thank you so very much for all your excellent work, guidance and assistance through out this process. We couldn’t have done it without you. To anyone looking to sell a house in today’s markets ‘Innovative Property Advocates’ should be an integral part of your process.” Andrew & Tracey


“My husband and I were thrilled when we first heard about Kathryn’s Sellers Advocacy service. The thought of selling our home was overwhelming as we are both time poor professionals.

 Kathryn interviewed a number of real estate agents, made recommendations, negotiated a fantastic selling and marketing fee and dealt with the agent the entire way. We could always rely on her advice as being completely independent and we trusted her as she worked exclusively in our best interests. At the end of the day, she not only got us the best sales price but made the process far less stressful. We would have no hesitation in recommending Innovative Property Advocates to anyone thinking of selling.” Kelly


“Engaging Kathryn Fantov of Innovative Property turned out to be a fantastic decision.  Having sold several properties ourselves over the last 13 years as well as a vested interest in the real estate market, 

we thought we had quite a good understanding. Kathryn’s extensive knowledge of the industry was extremely helpful and certainly an insight into how it all works. This knowledge assisted us greatly during the agent selection process, which can be quite daunting at times. This process was made painless by not having to meet with the individual agents ourselves.  Instead we would review with Kathryn her findings and recommendations during a private meeting. As we were thinking of making minor improvements to the property, Kathryn’s extensive report on which areas we should address and how the property be presented was vital to our success. It was great having Kathryn there to assist in the process, not only for recommendations on furniture placement or paint colours, but also as an independent third party when my husband and I were not quite seeing eye to eye.  Kathryn was able to provide her valuable opinion and one that we trusted was correct. In addition to assisting us during the preparation and selling stages of the process, Kathryn also advised and assisted us to quickly vacate the tenant who had lived there for 5 years, so that we could get the property on the market before the traditional Spring Rush. We have no hesitations in recommending Kathryn to anyone who wishes to sell their property. We will happily engage the services of Innovative Property again.”  Jenni & Steve


“I recently sold a commercial property in Surry Hills with assistance from Kathryn Fantov at Innovative Property. Kathryn brings a professional and supportive approach to the sale process from the moment she 

establishes the agent’s obligations to the relief of final settlement. She diligently maintains regular contact with all concerned parties and even assists with paperwork and any technical issues that may arise through the agent and/or solicitor. The selling experience is often frustrating and more stressful than it should be. I can honestly say this is not the case when Innovative Property is there to look after you. Highly recommended!” Anthony


“The first time we were clients of Kathryn Fantov and Innovative Property Advocates we were buyers. Our experience was such a positive one that when we decided to sell it was an easy decision to call on Kathryn again.

She interviewed a range of agents, provided recommendations as to which one would deliver a better outcome and negotiated an optimal marketing package. Kathryn was also able to provide advice on what if any improvements could be made to the property before sale to improve results. The campaign was so successful that the property sold in days at a price that I was more than happy with. The entire sales process was made far less stressful with Kathryn as part of our team. The best part was that there was no additional cost to use the services of Innovative Property Advocates than if we had gone directly to an agent. If you are looking at buying or selling your property, I recommend the services of Kathryn Fantov and Innovative Property Advocates.” Selina


“Thank you so much for assisting us with the sale of our property! From the moment we engaged Innovative Property, our stress levels decreased! 

Suggestions on how to best display our property with minimal disturbance to the home environment made a significant change to our outlook on the entire sale process. 

Your experience in real estate shone when dealing with sales agents. Negotiating our sale was made easy with your independent advice and practical approach to our personal circumstances. Your constant communication also enabled us to feel comfortable with the whole process. Having an independent person  looking after our best interests really made a difference!

My husband and I wish to thank you again for your advice and professionalism throughout the sale process and would highly recommend Innovative Property to anyone wishing to secure a reputable vendor advisory service!” Kristy


“I was getting frustrated interviewing real estate agents – It was taking up too much of my time and I got the impression that all they wanted was to get me signed up as quickly as possible! 

The reason we approached Kathryn was initially so we didn’t  have to deal with the agents, but I also liked the idea of an honest appraisal of the property together with suggestions for work that could be done to make the place more appealing to purchasers. Kathryn advised us to do some building work to turn the property from a 3 bedroom into a 4 bedroom home, and then organised quotes from tradespeople and got the job done. It was remarkably painless! The overall experience was fantastic – especially as the price we achieved was well above our original expectations!”  Tony


“I didn’t know where to start to put my house of 38 years on the market, so I spoke to Kathryn and she advised me about styling and what I needed to do around the home to get the best price without 

overcapitalising. She also interviewed a variety of agents that I had never even thought of, and I was very much appreciative as it took away all the stress of doing this myself. Without Kathryn’s help I couldn’t have done it, so I very much appreciate Kathryn’s assistance.”  Jocelyn


“When it came to the final negotiation I feel as though if we didn’t have Kathryn working as our Sellers Advocate we would have either sold the house for less, or we would have taken the house off the market.

It was because of Kathryn’s tenacity, experience and understanding of the sales process that allowed us to achieve the price that we did.”  Rupert


“Kathryn’s assistance and advice was invaluable. She assisted in making the transaction flow smoothly and kept both my client and me informed. 

A great result was achieved and in an emotional transaction, Kathryn’s involvement enabled my client to avoid any direct pressure or stress of liaising with the selling agent. I commend to others to use Kathryn’s services without hesitation.” Gabriella


“We just love Kathryn.  We found her to be tough, knowledgeable and highly professional. I would like to think we could call her a friend now. Other friends of ours who sold their house just before we did were disappointed that they didn’t use or know about her also as they saw how good she was with us.

I feel she has a good grasp of the industry/market and gave us really solid tips and advice on a number of aspects. If I had not already found another house I would have definitely used her for that too. She is practical in her approach, supportive and responsive. She made an overwhelming task a lot easier to navigate. We will definitely use her services again without a doubt so she can cut through the minefield of Real Estate Agents and their tactics.” Gina

“We sold our house for a fantastic price and didn’t have to speak to one real estate agent. Loved doing it this way!” -Jenny


“We used Kathryn as our buyer’s agent to purchase our property. We were extremely pleased with her service. She was always ready and willing to engage and provided valuable insights into the property market.

She was very helpful in coming to the table with strategies and ideas on how best to secure our property both prior to the auction and on the day of the auction. On the day of the auction we were extremely relieved knowing that Kathryn was representing us. It gave us peace of mind to know that we did not have to engage in the bidding process ourselves! Kathryn handled the auction brilliantly and ultimately helped us secure our home. We have already recommended her to a number of our friends and will continue to do so in the future.” Shalini & Jithan


“Kathryn’s expertise and experience in the Real Estate industry were very apparent in the work she did for me when I was seeking to secure an investment property for my Self-Managed Super Fund.

I had struggled without success in securing a contract a couple of times already and was extremely time poor when someone recommended the buyers advocate services of Kathryn, and I am thrilled they did. Not only did Kathryn successfully secure the contract within a matter of days, she also managed to negotiate a much lower price than I even thought possible which more than covered the fees for her services. I highly recommend Kathryn’s services for Buying, and when I am ready at some point to sell or buy again, I will certainly be asking Kathryn for help again.”  Steven


“Kathryn Fantov from Innovative Property Advocates was the perfect person to make our purchase of a property happen in our Self-Managed Super Fund.

We had previously spent too long thinking about the purchase with no capacity to research and find the right property. Kathryn was professional and supportive throughout the whole process, taking the stress out of finding and securing a property. She understood our parameters and set about making our goal a reality. Thank you, Kathryn!” Jennifer


“Thank you so very much for our beautiful house! We really appreciated your sensible advice and understanding manner. On the day of the auction, despite being handed a number ’13 when we registered, your confidence

& experience shone through when bidding, and we were grateful you left little to chance! We will be sure to recommend you to family and friends.” Vindi & Stefan


“I first met Kathryn at a 4Networking session and after listening to her presentation on her Buyers Advocacy service, I thought she would be the perfect solution for clients of mine who were trying to purchase an

investment property but were struggling with the negotiation side of the transaction. Kathryn not only took on the task of dealing with the ‘hard to handle’ real estate agent, but was also efficient, kept everyone up to date on the progress and in turn helped them save a whopping $25,000 off the purchase price. Many thanks Kathryn!”
Kelly Meares, Franchisee & Personal Mortgage Adviser, Smartline


“Being time poor, as many of us are, the thought of spending weekend after weekend looking for an investment property was something that my husband, Brett, and I were dreading.

This is where Kathryn comes in. She guided us through every step of the process with professionalism and persistence, from selecting short lists of properties to view, to handling all liaison with real estate agents, negotiating the final deal and assisting us in finalising a tenancy agreement. We would certainly use Kathryn’s services again.”
Kylie & Brett


“I was so lucky to come across Kathryn Fantov from a prior contact. I really wanted to attend an Auction for this home I wanted to buy, but due to prior arrangements couldn’t make it. 

Kathryn attended for me with an Authority to bid on my behalf. She did an amazing job! I was over the moon when the property was secured for far less than I was actually prepared to pay! There was no way I could have negotiated to get such a great outcome. Her experience with negotiations combined with her honest and transparent approach made the process so much easier. I highly recommend the services of Innovative Property to anyone purchasing who doesn’t want to pay too much for their next property!”  Susanna.


“Kathryn delivered an excellent service to us in terms of scouting for properties and finding our dream home, so it gives us pleasure to write this testimonial. 

We have found you to be a true professional, courteous, honest, assertive and so much more! Once, with Kathryn’s assistance, we had located our dream home she came through for us at auction, bidding on our behalf and securing the property for us. When we asked you to perform a task, you delivered this efficiently and effectively with no hesitation, so we thank you immensely for helping us during this entire process and for your service. We would definitely recommend your services to family and friends in the future. Many thanks.”  Anthony & Belinda


With Kathryn’s professional guidance I have purchased my new home.
I am extremely grateful for Kathryn’s knowledge and calm approach during the process.
Kathryn was available at all times with no hesitation.
Great result achieved. I highly recommend Kathryn’s services.


"I was over the moon when the property was secured for far less than I was actually prepared to pay! There was no way I could have negotiated to get such a great outcome". Susanna


Kathryn was extremely professional and very helpful throughout the sales campaign. I would highly recommend Kathryn to any home owner looking for an advocate for the sale or purchase of their next home. 

Together we all received a great result and our clients were very happy! Ben Pike from Pulse Property Agents


“We recently worked in collaboration with Kathryn from Innovative property, on a sale of a $3m+ house in Glebe. With a house of this calibre, it is imperative that communication is high with vendors.

It was Kathryn professionalism and organisation which made the process smooth and allowed for a for a great outcome for all and a seamless campaign. We would recommend her highly. Matthew Carvalho from Ray White Glebe


“I recently had the pleasure of working with Kathryn and Innovative Property Advocates on the sale of a home in Lugarno. I can’t speak highly enough of Kathryn as a person and the level of service she provides for

her clients! Working together, we were able to achieve an exceptional outcome for our client on auction day. The campaign presented challenges along the way but collaborating with Kathryn meant no hiccup was too hard to overcome and it was refreshing to see the trust and rapport Kathryn had with her clients. As an agent working with Kathryn was a really positive experience as she handled many facets of the campaign including getting the property ready for the sale and communicating with the vendor. I hope we get to work together again in near future! Thanks Kathryn you are a star.”  Fraser, Matt and the Ray White team


“Having never worked with a Seller’s Advocate before, I was unsure of what to expect as the most important aspect of the process is communication with the owner. 

I can honestly say, Kathryn’s level of professionalism and her dedication to her clients shone through in this department. I can from experience understand how selecting an agent can be quite an exercise and I know in this instance the owners were sold on every aspect of the service Kathryn provided including excellent styling and arrangement. I look forward to working together again to produce another awesome result!” Chris Walsh, Newtown Real Estate


“I have great pleasure in recommending Kathryn and her company ‘Innovative Property’ to any prospective vendors who require independent assistance in selling their homes. 

Kathryn’s guidance in every facet of getting the property to market, in preparation and recommendations in styling the home, to interviewing and assessing the different agencies, to advising on the method of sale and the facts and results of each agency selected, guaranteed her clients as smooth and informed sale as possible. I would highly recommend Kathryn to any prospective vendors that are unsure or a little uncertain when it comes to selling their property. It was a pleasure doing business with Kathryn and look forward to further business dealings in the future. She is there for her vendors with their best interests at heart.” Ray Fadel, Ray White


“Selecting the right Real Estate agent to represent you in the sale of your home and working through the sometimes complex marketing strategies and negotiations can often be overwhelming. 

Having the guidance of a professional who understands what to look for in a good agent, knows the sale process and can help prepare the home for sale can be a huge advantage. Kathryn was able to coordinate the marketing and inspections, help the clients understand the buyer feedback and market value and identify when the right offer and terms were presented. Kathryn understood what her clients needed from the sale and was able to help me achieve the best outcome in the shortest period of time for them.” John Schwarzer, Highland Property Agent


“I had the pleasure of dealing with Kathryn Fantov recently and I would highly recommend her services! From the Initial meeting right up until the property sold, Kathryn made the whole processes seamless and we were 

able to secure a great price in just a short period for our owner. Innovative Property Advocates take a unique and fresh approach which gives her clients a stress free experience! Thank you Kathryn for all your hard work and I look forward to many more deals together.” 

Anthony Pulvirenti, Gavan Property


“I had the pleasure of working together with Kathryn Fantov on an Auction marketing campaign. Her attention to detail on the property styling, presentation and advice on organising a building and pest

report to provide to prospective buyers allowed us to attract 11 registered bidders on Auction day with a premium result” 

Phillip Ho, Ray White

"I can’t speak highly enough of Kathryn as a person and the level of service she provides for her clients! Working together, we were able to achieve an exceptional outcome for our client on auction day". Fraser, Ray White