DIY Coaching Packages

Maximise Your Home Sale -
Expert Guidance for DIYer's

If your home is located outside of our service area or you’re inclined towards a more ‘do-it-yourself’ approach, our specialized coaching packages are tailored specifically for you. Ideal for those looking to upscale and secure the highest possible sale price, these packages leverage over 30 years of industry expertise to eliminate the guesswork and uncertainty from the sales process.

Here’s what each package offers:

Package 1: Property Preparation
To ensure your home makes the best possible impression:

⭐️ We conduct a ‘virtual inspection’ of your home via Zoom for personalised enhancement tips.

⭐️ Offer advice on improving presentation to attract more buyers and maximise sale value.

⭐️ Provide suggestions on upgrades, color schemes, repairs, maintenance, and styling.

⭐️ Includes a complimentary recording of the session for future reference.

Package 2: Agent Selection

Become an expert on searching, interviewing and selecting the right agent for your sale:

⭐️ Learn our proven method for researching and selecting the top real estate agents in your area.

⭐️ Includes video tutorials of our exact process for conducting effective agent research and what information to gather.

⭐️ Includes a BONUS Checklist of essential questions for agent interviews.

⭐️ Learn how to distinguish between good and not so good agents, as well as the ‘must know’ criteria for the final decision.

⭐️ Includes a 1-hour Zoom consultation with Kathryn to discuss your findings and aid in making the correct choice.

Package 3: Agent Selection & Interviews (Hybrid) 

Blends professional hands on support with DIY flexibility:

⭐️ This package combines our ‘done for you’ vendor advocate service for agent selection and interviews with a ‘DIY’ approach for post-appointment processes.

⭐️ It offers a balanced solution for those who wish for initial professional guidance but prefer direct dealings with the agent thereafter.

Each package is designed to empower you with the knowledge and tools needed to confidently navigate the selling process, ensuring you’re well-equipped to achieve the best outcome for your property sale.