Sell the matrimonial home without the stress

Life doesn’t always go to plan so if it’s time to make a change, we are here to support you. We can help sell the matrimonial home faster, more amicably and for the highest price possible. We act as an unbiased and independent adviser to both parties keeping you equally informed and involved throughout the entire selling process.

If communication has broken down, we will be the conduit and often times mediator to ensure the best possible result is achieved to benefit both parties.

We help with everything from preparing your property for sale to choosing the best real estate agent. We work together with the agent to leave no stone unturned in our mission to ensure you achieve the highest possible price. You’ll have 2 property professionals working for you for the price of 1.  

Our help costs you nothing extra because we receive an industry standard referral fee from the agent. We share the work with the agent, so we also share in their fee whilst remainly completely independent.

FAMILY LAW Property Sales

Establish A Realistic
Market Estimate

PROBLEM: You and your spouse might not be able to agree on the property’s value. This can cause delays especially during negotiations with buyers.

SOLUTION: We appraise the property and provide an independent realistic market estimate from the outset. This is done via our own research, feedback from real estate agents and if necessary, a Pre-Sale Property Valuation (at additional cost). Having realistic price expectations is key to a successful sale.

Property Preparation
& Presentation

PROBLEM: The property needs work to be done before going to market but you cannot agree on what should be done or how much should be spent on the property.

SOLUTION: We conduct a comprehensive property inspection and provide advice on whether any upgrades are required to maximise the sale price. We have a team of trades who can assist with carrying out such works. Presentation of the property can also be enhanced via property styling and we offer a free 1-hour consult with our property stylist.

Choosing The
Real Estate Agent

PROBLEM: Often one party has their preferred agent, and the other has a different agent in mind. If the proposed agent then underperforms, this can cause additional conflict between you. Not being able to agree on which agent to appoint can cause extensive delays.

SOLUTION: We will research and interview 3 local agents – including any preferred agents – and prepare a comprehensive report with our recommendation. Based on our findings and after we have collectively make a decision, we will negotiate a competitive agent‘s commission on your behalf. We review the marketing campaign to ensure you are not spending on things you DON’T need, whilst ensuring everything you DO need is included.

Between The Parties

PROBLEM: If communication is strained or completely broken down between you, this makes coming to agreement on any aspect of the sale extremely difficult. If your lawyer needs to become involved during this process, it could prolong the matter even further.

SOLUTION: We communicate separately with each of the parties on an ongoing basis, never favouring one over the other. We provide regular updates to each of you on a regular basis regarding the progress of the sale. Each party is completely involved in the process and when necessary, we can act as a mediator between you. This instils confidence and comfort for both parties knowing your best interests are at the forefront.

Achieving The Highest
Possible Sale Price

PROBLEM: When an agent knows a couple is selling due to separation or divorce, they will often share this information with prospective buyers. This will negatively affect the overall result as buyers will assume you are desperate to sell.

SOLUTION: As we are the main point of contact with the agent, we will never disclose personal information to the agent that could be used to de-value or inhibit the sale. We have 3 decades of property industry experience which allows us to proactively manage and maximise the agent‘s performance throughout the entire campaign.

Is this really a FREE service?

Yes it certainly is. You might think the whole concept sounds too good to be true and there must be a catch?

We can honestly say it’s as good as it sounds. When 2 agents work together on a sale it’s very common in the industry to share in the one commission paid by the seller. It’s known as a Conjunction Fee or Referral Fee.

This does not mean you will be paying an inflated commission. Our many years of experience allows us to negotiate a competitive rate whilst keeping the agent motivated to achieve the best possible result.

We work with all agents across the Sydney metro area and remaining independent is how we achieve consistent success for our clients.

Having us as your Vendor Advocate allows the agent to focus their energy on what they do best – marketing the property and finding the right buyers for your property.

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