Support for families after the loss of a loved one..

Managing the sale of estate assets of a loved one can be an extremely emotional time especially if it includes the sale of the family home.  It is a complicated process to deal with at an already difficult time.

As the Executor, you will be required to apply for probate and make plans for the responsible distribution of estate assets as per the deceased’s wishes. You will also be responsible for clearing out the property, deciding on whether any improvements should be made, and appointing the  best real estate agent to handle the property sale.

If you don’t live close by to the property, this entire process can become overwhelming to say the least. However with the right help and guidance, you can get through it.

Our Sydney Vendor Advocates specialise in supporting Executors and Beneficiaries with the preparation and sale of estate property from start to finish as well as selection of the best real estate agent making it a more transparent, time efficient and cost effective solution for everyone involved.

Our help is at no extra cost to the estate as we receive an industry standard referral fee from the appointed real estate agent. We share the workload with the agent, so we also share in their fee. 

5 ways we help with the
sale of estate property

Preparing For Sale

PROBLEM: The property needs to be cleared out or some work needs to be done before going to market. You may not live locally to the property which makes organising even more difficult.

SOLUTION: We offer advice and assistance on ways to maximise the sale price of the property and can coordinate the various trades required to carry out such works. Presentation of the property can also be enhanced via property styling. 

Choosing The Real Estate Agent

PROBLEM: When there are multiple beneficiaries involved, it can be difficult for everyone to agree on which agent to appoint.

SOLUTION: We interview the best 3 local agents, provide a written comparison report and help to collectively make a decision. We then negotiate a competitive commission with the agent and review marketing costs to ensure the estate is not over spending on things not needed.

Realistic Market Estimate

PROBLEM: Understanding the true value of the property can be challenging especially when beneficiaries do not live locally. It may be difficult for everyone to agree on how much the property should sell for which can cause delays during the negotiation phase.

SOLUTION: We establish an independent & realistic market estimate for the property from the outset via our own research and feedback from real estate agents. This provides a more accurate and independent assessment of the property’s value and helps to streamline the sales process.

Effective Communication

PROBLEM: Sometimes family members may suffer a breakdown in communication or live out of area and often the burden of managing the sale is left to one person.

SOLUTION: We focus on maintaining high levels of  communication with all parties ensuring everyone is completely involved in the process, never favouring one party over the other. This provides a smoother, more stress free experience for everyone involved. We are your trusted adviser as well as your eyes and ears on the ground.

Achieving the Highest Price

PROBLEM: Not all real estate agents have a strategy for ensuring the highest possible price is achieved. They often prefer a quick sale than taking the time to maximise the result.

SOLUTION: We have over 30 years experience in the property industry and know what it takes to achieve a successful sale. We work with only the highest performing agents and keep them honest and focused on achieving the best possible outcome for the estate via our proven strategies and processes.

Is this really a FREE service?

Yes it certainly is. You might think the whole concept sounds too good to be true and there must be a catch?

We can honestly say it’s as good as it sounds.

Our help is at no extra cost to the estate as we receive an industry standard referral fee from the appointed real estate agent. We share the workload with the agent, so we also share in their fee. 

Even though the agent is appointed to represent the vendor, unfortunately they do not always have your best interests at heart. Consider us as an extra layer of security to protect you from agent pressure tactics and ensure your interests remain at the forefront.

We work with all agents across the Sydney metro area and remaining independent is how we achieve consistent success for our clients.

Having us as your Vendor Advocate allows the agent to focus their energy on what they do best – marketing the property and finding the right buyers for your home.

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