Vendor Advocate OR Real Estate Agent. Which One Should You Use When Selling?

If you’re planning to sell soon, the first thing on your mind is most likely which agent should you choose to sell your home. With so many agents out there these days it can often be a difficult decision to make.

That’s where using the services of a Vendor Advocate can play a big part. Assisting with the agent selection process is a critical aspect of their role. Not only do they take care of the agent interview process but some (like us) will also provide help with preparing your home for sale.

Is there really a big difference between using a Vendor Advocate or engaging an agent directly? We summarise a few of the main differences in the table below:

Real Estate Agents:

Our Vendor Advocates:

Represent both buyer & seller in a negotiation which can often result in a conflict of interest.

Represent the seller exclusively.

Tell the seller what they want to hear.

Tell the seller what they need to hear.

Want the property on the market ASAP to keep their cashflow consistent.

Spend as much time as is required preparing the property for sale to maximise its value.

Market appraisal is biased to win your business. No hesitation in over-inflating your expectations if it means they get the job.

Provide an unbiased & realistic assessment of your home’s market value. 

Put forward their highest priced marketing campaign which can often promote the agent more than your home.

Review the proposed marketing campaign and ensure it provides maximum exposure for minimum cost.

May take short cuts and only call back the most interested buyers instead of speaking with ALL buyers.

Ensure the agent calls back ALL buyers and provides written feedback via 2 written reports per week.

During negotiations, instead of pushing the buyer to pay more, they may try to get the vendor to accept less.

Focus on ensuring the agent pushes the buyer to pay more, not the seller to take less.

May pressure the vendor into accepting an offer using FOMO (fear of missing out).

Never lets the agent pressure the vendor into underselling. Acts as a buffer or barrier to prevent this.

Will often sign up your business and then delegate to a junior member of their team.                                                                                                                                                  

We offer a unique service that cannot be easily delegated. You will always have a senior advisor supporting you when you work with us.  

Our vendor advocates are as qualified (if not more) than most real estate agents. Kathryn Fantov – our Director – is an ex-agent and has held a real estate licence for the past 31 years. With her level of experience and passion for supporting homeowners through what can often be an extremely stressful time, Kathryn has been the obvious solution for many people selling their home.

And don’t forget…. We do not charge you a fee for our help. We share in the one commission paid to the agent while remaining completely independent.

Before you call in the local real estate agents, give Kathryn a call on 0411 522 233 to find out whether our service is right for you.

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