The Importance of Effective Styling and Photography When Selling Your Home

As the Sydney real estate market begins to heat up following a surprisingly short downturn, it’s still as important as ever when selling your home to create a lasting impression that captures the attention of potential buyers and drives them to envision themselves living there. 

Styling your home is simply not enough especially in a market where there’s plenty of competition. The need for creative and effective photography is just as important and in this article we explore how styling AND photography play a pivotal role in selling your home for the highest price in Sydney’s dynamic property market.

1. Online Presence – photography

In today’s digital age, the vast majority of home buyers begin their search online. This makes it critically important to have visually stunning photographs that will stand out on property websites and social media platforms. High quality images with vibrant colours, good lighting and interesting angles will highlight your homes’ best features and generate more interest, drive up click-through rates, and ultimately lead to more enquiries and in person viewings.

Choosing an agent who uses a skilled real estate photographer and takes the time to attend the photo shoot is a must. Knowing how to best capture the essence of your home, including highlighting its best features while minimising any shortcomings is a skill that every agent and good photographer should have.

2. A Competitive Edge – styling

Styling involves carefully curating the interior of your home to showcase its potential and appeal to a wide range of tastes. Neutral colours, tasteful furnishings, and interesting decor choices can transform any house into a welcoming home. Professional stylists have an eye for detail and can turn even the most ordinary spaces into something extraordinary, helping buyers envision themselves living there.  Once buyers become emotionally invested in your home, they are more likely to pay a premium. 

Styling allows you to showcase your home’s potential and versatility. Professional stylists have an eye for space planning and can rearrange furniture and decor to make rooms appear more spacious and functional. By demonstrating various possibilities, you can appeal to a broader range of buyers who may have different needs and preferences.

3. Faster Sales and Higher Prices

Homes that are professionally styled and photographed are statistically shown to sell faster and for higher prices than their unstyled counterparts. The investment in styling and quality photography yields significant returns by attracting motivated buyers and creating a higher perception of value. In our experience, home sellers can expect to achieve a return of between 3 and 10 times the expenditure whilst creating more demand and therefore a sense of urgency resulting in a premium outcome. 

A perfect example of how important styling AND photography are to your final outcome is a recent home we represented in a popular beachside location.  This home had already been on the market with a local agent for 3 months and they had used the agent’s stylist for a partial style of the home without any success. After they approached us, we advised them on a few upgrades to make to the home. We also changed stylists and recommended using a different agent with a different photographer.

Below we share some before and after images of the transformation which resulted in a price that was $250,000 above the highest offer the previous agent was able to achieve. It sold within just 21 days!

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