Why use a Seller’s Advocate?

It may seem unusual to engage the services of someone to deal with your real estate agent when selling, however it is becoming increasingly popular and adds incredible value to the process. Especially as it doesn’t cost you anything to engage us – the agent pays us a small portion of their fee on settlement.

When selling your most valuable asset, the last thing you should worry about is whether or not you can trust your agent. The process is stressful enough without adding that to the mix.  I attended a property seminar a little while ago in which a real estate agent was giving a power point presentation and I was surprised at a comment that he made. “Competition among agents when competing for your business, encourages them NOT to tell the truth”. While I admire his honesty, it doesn’t exactly paint a good picture for the industry. So, if you can’t even rely on truth from the start, what should you expect for the rest of the process?

Helping you choose the right agent is a very important part of the process. Get that part wrong, and it could cost you thousands. Agent selection is a major part of what we do for our clients. When interviewing agents, we ask them to produce sales information so detailed that most have never been asked to provide anything like it before. Using our exclusive Agency Selection Checklist, a report is compiled on each agent to assist you in making the final decision. From there, we negotiate the most competitive selling fee and analyse the proposed marketing campaign to ensure you do not overspend on advertising.

We pride ourselves on continually going beyond the call of duty. We spend considerable time with you on the planning and preparation stage. Getting your property ready for sale can be daunting and time consuming for most people. We provide you with our recommendations on ways to present the property to appeal to the maximum number of buyers and can also show you creative ways to affordably make more money on your sale. 

Dealing with your real estate agent during the sale process can be both time consuming and stressful, especially when they are applying pressure for you to accept an offer less than you were hoping for. Knowing whether you can trust your agent when they say “there are no other interested parties”, or “this is the best offer you will get” can make for a very emotional time. Having us by your side, means you will only ever receive honest, independent and unbiased advice at all times. No pressure to sell at a price lower than you should. As fully licensed professionals with over 28 years property experience, we know how to work with your real estate agent to ensure the desired outcome is achieved.

This is just a snapshot of why you owe it to yourself to consider using a Seller’s Advocate if you’re thinking of selling in 2021.

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