Our Top 10 Tips for Surviving Isolation during COVID-19


Every day we wake up and wonder what news will we hear today? Hoping for something positive to cling onto about when this nightmare will end. Events are changing at such a rapid pace that it’s difficult to keep up and finding our own way of dealing with this ‘new normal’ is not always easy.

To help us all get through these uncertain times, we have scoured the internet and come up with Our Top 10 Survival Tips. Whether you are alone in isolation, with your family, partner or room mate, we wish you the very best and hope these tips help you make the most of the weeks and months to come.

1. Maintain a Routine

Don’t sleep in till midday! Going to bed and waking up at the same time each day keeps your body clock on track so that you sleep better at night and have more energy during the day. Waking up at a reasonable hour gives you time to complete your usual morning chores and prepare for the day that lies ahead.

2. Exercise & Diet

Taking care of your body and mind on a daily basis is of ultimate importance at this time. Anything that lifts your heart rate will make you feel alive, and your mood will be lifted instantly. Whether you take the dog for a walk, a jog in the park or do a yoga class online in your living room, you will feel energised and mentally able to cope with the rest of the day. Be sure to nourish your body on the inside with plenty of whole foods, fruit, vegetables and lean meat.

3. Breathe, relax and try to get some fresh air.

Take this time to slow down and appreciate not having to be anywhere at any particular time. Meditation is an enormous stress reliever and practised on a daily basis really does make a difference to your outlook on life. There are many great apps you can download – ‘Insight Timer’ on the App Store is a personal favourite of ours!

4. Give each other space. 

If you are living with others, you may be finding it quite claustrophobic. It is very important you take some time out to be alone. Finding a nice sunny spot on the balcony or in the backyard to read a book or listen to music is a great way to de-stress.

5. Accept what is happening.

It’s normal to have feelings of fear, anxiety and stress during a time that is beyond our control. Regularly checking in with each other, especially your children, is a way to keep the lines of communication open and letting them know it’s ok to be feeling this way. Once we are in acceptance of the situation, it is much easier to then move to feelings of hope and positivity toward the future.

6. Cocktail Hour

Catch up with family and friends over a coffee or schedule a cocktail hour every now and then. Group video meetings via Zoom are all the rage these days and it’s a fun way to connect with friends whilst enjoying a glass of your favourite beverage. We tried this last Saturday night and it really does help to maintain a social life whilst practising responsible social distancing.

7. Have fun with the Children.

This is a fantastic time to really bond as a family. With nowhere to go, it’s time to get creative. Do some art and crafts, play board games, go for a bike ride or give them cooking lessons! Our household has introduced one night per week where the children cook and serve dinner to the parents. The kids have fun, and it gives us parents a much needed break from the kitchen!

8. Sign up to Netflix or Stan

We all love a good TV series and there is nothing wrong with escaping into another world to forget what’s happening in our reality. There are so many options available to suit everyone’s taste. A word of warning, it can become addictive!

9. Stay Positive

It can be hard to be positive when you are surrounded by so much negativity. One way might be to limit the amount of news you watch to just once per day. Instead, use this time to catch up on all those things you never get time to do – like clearing out the kids wardrobes, de-cluttering the house, tidying up the garage, gardening, or taking time to work on your business instead of in it.

10. Stay Calm & Stay At Home!

I guess this one speaks for itself…..

There is a light at the end of this tunnel. Unfortunately we don’t know how long the tunnel is right now but we will get there and just think how great it will be when we do!

Stay well, safe and happy!